About Us

Lifestyle construction at an unparalleled value

Our clients look to us to help them live the lives of their dreams. We take pride in offering high quality construction at a price point that makes excellence affordable.

Transparent pricing

With our pricing, there’s no guesswork. It’s published for all to see. And, we include everything you need, so there’s no upcharges for necessities.


Buying a Blockhouse™ home addition is simpler, faster (and a lot less stressful) than buying a car.

Uncompromising quality

Blockhouse’s are strong because we use only the finest materials from the super sturdy Colorbeam™ line of panels and connectors. When the hurricane’s - inevitably - come, you’ll be very happy about this.

Blockhouse™ Sheds by Titan Sunrooms

Titan Sunrooms has been an industry leading manufacturer for over 20 years. Blockhouse™ was developed using the same time tested building components Titan created for use in hurricane prone regions of the Southeastern U.S.


The Blockhouse™ idea grew out of Titan’s customer base expressing a desire for unique personal spaces separate from the home. Repurposing our high performance sunroom system with some cool design elements allowed Blockhouse™ to take flight.


Unlike traditional sheds that need to be extensively modified or upgraded for year round use, Blockhouse™ is 100% insulated, never needs painting and installs in a few days.