Blockhouse Sheds


More than just a shed

Built on site, wired for electrical with heating and air conditioning for comfort - a Blockhouse™ can be practically anything you want it to be.

Home Office

A space for balancing home & work

Man Cave

No Girls Allowed (except mommy)

Home Schooling

Making homeschooling easier

Blockhouse Sheds Homeschooling

Kids Zone

"Have the funnest playroom in the neighborhood"

Design Studio

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" ~ Pablo Picasso

Blockhouse Sheds Design Studio

Writer's Blockhouse™

A place where the creativity flows

Blockhouse™ Yoga

A place for uniting mind, body & spirit.

Blockhouse Sheds Yoga Studio

Game Room

A place for fun & games

Blockhouse Sheds Play Room

Guest Room

A place for the guests


"He who dies with the most tools wins."

Babe Cave

What happens in the Babe Cave stays in the Babe Cave

Rock Star

A place to make beautiful music

Fitness Blockhouse™

A place to be thebest version of you

Blockhouse Sheds Fitness
Blockhouse Sheds Fitness logo